2019 Fall Showcase

Additional Information for Entry

Please complete the following form to provide us with additional information used to promote your home entry for the Fall Showcase of Homes.

This additional marketing information will be used online to create your entry’s page on the HBASJV.com Fall Showcase of Homes website.

Participant Information
Enter your contact information as you would like it to appear in all marketing materials.
Must be listed as an HBASJV Member in good standing.
Showcase Home Entry Details
We will use this to match this info to your Entry form info.
Please provide a general description of your home. We recommend the description to be a 3 to 5 sentences. This is your opportunity to ‘sell’ why people should visit your Showcase Home!
Please provide a short list of the most important features of your home. We will use this to create a bulleted list.
Please provide directions from the nearest major highway. Be clear and explicit in 50 words or less.
Provide a brief description of your business. You are encouraged to describe your style and influence in building. What sets you apart as a builder?
In 30 words or less tell a consumer why they should see this home.

After you submit the form, we will be in touch with you about the next steps that you should be working on next:

  • Send payment to the HBA

  • Arrange for your insurance provider to create the Certificate of Liability

  • You are also encouraged to submit any/all the following via email to bob @ hbasjv.com:

    • Company Logo

    • High Quality Digital Color Rendering

    • Professional Quality Photo of the home

    • Floor Plan

    • Builder Headshot

      These items should all be High Resolution files in .jpg or .png format.